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About Us


What is a PTO?

The PTO is a formal group of parent volunteers working together to enrich the social and educational experience of our children in school. The PTO compliments The Ruth and Edward Taubman Early Childhood Center’s curriculum by providing opportunities for parents, teachers, and students to learn, socialize, communicate, and grow as a community. 

Our Goals

We have three major goals for every year: 

  1. Provide additional programs, equipment, and services to our students: 

    1. The PTO provides additional services and activities for our children to help them develop their religious, social, and academic lives 

  2. Establish a greater connection between ECC families to the school, to each other and to the great B’nai Torah community: 

    1. Allow parents to feel more involved in school, school programs, and their children’s education - Create a sense of community amongst the ECC parents 

  3. Provide additional support to the ECC staff members and teachers: 

    1. Ensure that teachers and the ECC staff have a sense of appreciation from their students and the students’ parents 

    2. Promote and encourage open lines of communication between parents and the ECC teachers and staff members 


How can we reach our goals?

To achieve our goals each year, we need: 

  1. The cooperative work between parents, teachers, and staff. 

  2. To recognize the needs of our students, the teachers, the school, and the staff.

  3. Active involvement of both the parents and the teachers. 

What can be expected
from the PTO?

  1. Communication: The PTO will remain in constant communication with you through:

    1. Backpacked flyers and emails

    2. The Ruth & Edward Taubman ECC Facebook Group Page. Make sure to request to join and you will receive up-to-date information and announcements from the PTO  

    3. PTO meetings 

      1. *PTO board members will always be available to answer questions, receive comments, or just chat about any of your interests or concerns

    4. Important information will be posted on our website (including contact information for board members, calendars, and important links). 

  2. Community Building/Social Events: 

    1. Family events: check out the PTO calendar for family events throughout the school year. 

    2. Parent’s night out: We hope to resume in-person events. Come with your significant other for date nights and to meet other parents from the ECC. 

  3. Volunteer Opportunities: 

    1. The PTO helps organize volunteers not only for PTO sponsored events, but also for school sponsored events. 

    2. Getting involved is super easy!! 

  4. School Support (Fundraising): 

    1. The PTO is a not for profit fundraising agency. 

    2. The funds from the PTO are used for several purposes including supporting its own events, providing additional school programming, and helping the school make improvements such as new equipment, classroom maintenance, and learning tools/spaces.

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